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    At BE360, we believe nurturing curiosity is one of the most important ways which help kids become lifelong learners. We strive to create that right environment that stimulates them. Every activity planned for them is focused towards the development of the attitude and personality in a fun way without the kids realizing that it is all geared towards learning.

    Bright Mind’s online program takes kids to an awesome ride to explore myriad topics like Space Odyssey, Earth secrets, Nature’s love, and fury, etc. with stunning realism through our live group sessions. Moreover, after every session, kids are encouraged to think on these topics and present their own interpretations.

  • Kids will read, write, color, draw, paint, recite poems, and play mind games all with the objective to foster curiosity and a love of learning, and help them grow up intellectually stimulated and successful. We also aim at developing their vocabulary, writing skills, language, grammar, and general awareness coupled with interpersonal skills. Each session is meticulously planned and designed keeping the kids and their needs in mind and working towards their brain development making them bold and confident.”

    Kids of this age group start developing well rounded logical thinking and reasoning abilities. Our motive is helping kids refine their mental faculties through reading, analyzing, recitations, solving puzzles and performing group tasks. We strive to encourage them to make logical arguments and articulate their thoughts well within the group. All sessions are geared towards improving their personality and making them confident in their thoughts and speech.”

  • Program Features & Schedule

    • Basic to Advanced level Programs
    • Reading, writing, recitation, general awareness and interpersonal skills
    • Encourages logical thinking and articulation
    • Individual attention to every child
    • Builds confidence and enhances personality
    • Class Size:
      7-8 Children