Atom Labz Robotics


    Our world is already dominated by technology, with smartphones and mobile apps in every hand, used for everything from e-commerce and payments to chatting and controlling our lights in our homes. Driverless cars and flying drones are on their way, and Robots powered by Artificial Intelligence will soon take over almost every task that keeps humans busy today. Our current education system is just not geared to prepare kids for such a fast-changing tech-driven world.

    Atom Labz is a pioneer in developing robotics programs that uses the natural curiosity of kids to exposure them to the marvels of technology. Developed by leading engineers and robotic specialists, the program is a great way to develop an interest in STEM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Maths) through more than 100 projects done by kids themselves. Children learn basic concepts, see live demos, discuss practical applications of the concepts and build their own projects using mechanical, electrical, electronics, and computer engineering. They also develop multiple skills like creative problem solving, perseverance, product design and team-work.


  • Young kids start with basic concepts about robotics, understanding of simple machines like gears, pulleys and cams, learn to use different types of motors, build electrical circuits, and slowly delve into using electronic micro-controllers and computer programs to control their devices.

    Kids also learn how to program their own games using visual programming, and our latest innovation in screen-less programming.

    Elder kids quickly pick up on basics of various concepts of mechanical, electrical, electronic, and computer engineering. Through regular practical experiments, they learn the inter-disciplinary approach to combine their knowledge and build projects, ranging from simple robots to a wide range of complex self-decision taking bots.

    Atom Labz programs also encourage kids to build innovative droids from scratch and participate in various national and international competitions to showcase their creativity.

  • Robotics - Developing Future Skills

    Develop Practical Understanding of Engineering

    Working on robotics projects is one of the best ways for kids to get practical understanding of mechanical, electrical, electronic and computer engineering.

    Learn Creative Problem Solving

    Children have a lot of natural curiosity and interest in learning technology. We channelize their interest into building their own solution for various robotic situations given to them. It’s an excellent way to develop their problem solving skills in a healthy and positive manner.

    Get an Early Advantage

    The days of succeeding by rote learning and focusing on marks and degrees are gone. Whether in a job or own business, every career today demands practical knowledge and ability to solve real-world problems using the latest technology. Many teenagers are earnings several times more than experienced engineers – through better exposure and product development skills.
    By helping kids work on latest technologies, we are committed to ensure that our kids succeed in any career they choose.

  • Program Features & Schedule

    • Program designed to provide early exposure of robotics to kids
    • Kids start with building simple machines and graduate to advance robotics
    • Program conducted by engineers and robotics specialists
    • Kids complete 100+ projects across various modules
    • Develop skills so kids can compete in national & international level robotic competitions