Joys of Kite Flying

January 15, 2017

Kite flying is like having happiness on a string.

When blue sky soars with small colorful kites in the sparkling sunlight, it’s a true sight to behold. When it’s our kids keeping the kites in the sky through maneuvering, it’s an even better sight 🙂

Kite festival or Makar Sankranti is celebrated on 14th January every year. This year we finally got a chance to fly kites on Sunday, 15th Jan, on a farm-house 20km away from the city. The weather was perfect, with cool temperature and windy climate making it ideal to be on the terrace flying kites.

This was perhaps the first time the kids attempted to fly kites independently. Though it was a struggle in the beginning, soon they got the hang of keeping the kites high in the air, and maneuvering it from one direction to another without allowing it to sink down.

Kite-flying seems to offer a number of interesting learnings for the kids:

1. Aerodynamics… kids understood how the specific shape of the kite helps in using the drift of the air to move upwards

2. Patience… to get the kite up the first time, requires a lot of patience and repeated attempts.

3. Balancing between letting the kite loose versus tugging it back into control. Kids could relate this with their own lives on when we give them latitude to pursue their own path, but often have to maintain discipline and make the string taut 🙂

4. Going against the wind (against the trend) is very difficult, but that’s where the real skill lies. Keeping the kite following the wind (trend) is relatively easy

Farm was a great place to fly without any urban obstructions, and allowed the kids to appreciate the open fields. We certainly need to get them out more often !

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