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    Please note age groups –

    • Scouts – for kids aged 7 to 10 years
    • Detectives – for kids aged 11 to 14 years

    Feel you can do better? Want to improve your timing? Book another slot. Students can take multiple attempts in the same age group. But, remember, for every slot, you will have to make a new booking.



  • Indore’s Junior Detective

    BE360 brings to you first online mega mystery event – Indore’s Junior Detective, kids aged 7-14 years are engrossed in a story through live narration and have to solve a series of mysteries online to unravel the storyline.

    Feel the thrill of an adventure, while competing to complete the missions in minimum possible time. But, don’t forget to pay attention to the story as there could be some clues in it!


  • How to Participate

    • Scroll down to the Indore’s Junior Detective placard - Scouts (7-10) or Detectives (11-14) and click Register Now
    • On next page, pick a convenient date and time slot and press continue (only one slot at a time allowed)
    • On the next page, Fill in the form details carefully
    • Accept the terms and conditions checkbox and click Confirm
    • Make payment via PayTM gateway using any of your preferred payment channels
    • Upon successful payment, you will receive an order number with details of your participation. Please save a screenshot or print of the same.
    • You will receive a confirmation email with a unique code and joining instructions. Please bookmark this as important as you will need the code to participate in the competition at the time of your slot
  • Note to Parents

    Prerequisites for the event

    Laptop with an operational camera and stable internet connection

    Rules of the Game

    It would be mandatory for all participants to keep their Camera ON at all time during the session

    Themes/Time slots

    Both age groups have several time slots on 7th, 8th, and 9th. Every time slot has a different theme. Students can play as many time slots as they desire. But, please remember you can book only one slot at a time. For the next slot, you will have to make a new booking. The registration fee per slot is INR 300/-.


    A mock mystery session would be made available to registered students 3 days prior to the event to practice and get acquainted with the format

    Respect the Trainer

    Every participant’s time would be recorded by the system. In case of any discrepancy, foul play – the decision of the trainer will be final and binding.

  • Prizes

  • Fastest finisher from each slot on 14th, 15th, and 16th Aug. will reach the finals. All finalists will compete one more time on 17th Aug. Fastest finisher in both age groups in final round will be crowned as Indore’s Junior Detective. He/she will get

    • One Laptop
    • Profiling on various digital pages
    • Certificate and 3-month Free pass for any BE360 program

    First and Second Runner Up in each age group in finals will get

    • One Tab
    • Profiling on various digital pages
    • Certificate and 1-month Free pass for any BE360 program

    Fastest finisher among all participants from the school (in each age group) will get

    • Certificate and 1-month Free pass for any BE360 program
    • School has to have at least 50 participants to compete
  • FAQs

    When will the process start?When will the process start?
    First round of the competition will be held on 14th, 15th, and 16th Aug. Students can choose any time slot as per his/her convenience and make the booking on website.  Final round will be held on 17th August.
    What Equipments needed?What Equipments needed?
    For the competition, student must have computer/laptop and internet connectivity. We suggest keeping a pen and a paper handy in case of any rough work that needs to be done.
    When does registration open?When does registration open?
    Student registrations are open from 27th Jul 2020.
    When does registration close?When does registration close?
    Registration will close on 23:59 hrs on 10th August 2020.
    How to register?How to register?
    Students can register on www.be360.co /junior-detective by choosing a convenient time slot on 7th, 8th or 9th August.
    What is the registration cost? What is the registration cost?
    Students have to pay INR 300/- (per attempt) for participating in the competition.
    How many times can I attempt in the competition?How many times can I attempt in the competition?
    In order to improve your timing, you can attempt multiple times in the first round by booking multiple time slots on 14th, 15th and 16th Aug.  Finalists who are chosen for 17th Aug. will have only one attempt.
    How can I register for multiple attempts?How can I register for multiple attempts?
    Each attempt is unique, so students will have to register individually for each attempt/time slot.
    Will there be any training/mock?Will there be any training/mock?
    BE360 is organizing mock sessions on 11th and 12th August for all registered participants. We request all registered participants to choose any slot on these dates and get themselves familiar with the proceedings before the first round.
    Can I register multiple students at once?Can I register multiple students at once?
    No, each student will get a unique code to participate in the event. So, every student needs to be registered individually. Also, please note, one email id can be used for registration of one seat at a particular time slot. For, booking another seat in the same time slot, you will have to use another email id.
    Who will do the training/mock?Who will do the training/mock?
    BE360 facilitators would be available on zoom call to take children through the entire process and explain all aspects of the competition like how to join? How to fill answers etc.