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  • What is Coding?

    Like we communicate with other people, Coding in simple terms is communicating with the computer to do a particular task.

    Why Coding for kids?

    Coding is going to be the most universal and useful language in the coming years. Not just another skill, Coding opens up a world full of possibilities, bounded only by one’s creativity and imagination. Children are at their creative peak between 6-9 years and thus, these are the years when we can introduce them to a wonderful world of Coding. To summarize,

    • Essential skill for future achievers
    • Kids are far more tech-friendly
    • Enhances imagination 
    • Improves logical reasoning
    • Fun and engaging activity

    What is CODE STARTERS?

    Codestarters is an age-appropriate coding module where kids learn to code in a fun and intuitive online session under the guidance of Top-notch trainers. It has three age-wise groups –

    • Junior (6-7 Years)
    • Middle (8-10 Years)
    • Senior (11+ Years)

    Each Group has Six Modules –  (Starter, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Pro, Master)

    After completing CODE STARTERS online modules, kids will be able to channelize their creativity in creating unique apps/games, thereby creating a strong foundation for their future.