About Us

  • BE360, formerly known as Caterpillar Kids is a pioneer in after school programs for ensuring the holistic development of children. Our internationally benchmarked programs help children become future ready by helping them explore and direct their infinite potential.

  • Every Child Will Shine!

    We believe every child is special. All they need to harness their infinite potential is the right guidance at the right time!
    Having traveled the world and studied various education systems we have realized, that the first 15 years of a child’s life are the defining years that have a lasting effect on them. To make the most of this time while still retaining childhood fun, we devised our unique pedagogy to foster curiosity, independence and a life-long love of learning in young kids, thus, providing them with an ideal launchpad to guide their lives.
  • Holistic Development Destination

    • Carefully Curated Programs

      Our achievement-oriented curriculums help children excel at whatever they wish to do.

    • Diverse Set Of Programs

      Our programs span across science, arts, robotics, communication, sports and fitness all under one roof.

    • Attuned To Your Child

      Our programs help every child in identifying and enhancing their unique strengths and capabilities.

    • Socially Immersive Experience

      Our intuitive pedagogy involves critical team/group activities which massively enhance social skills.

    • Transformational Experience

      The unique culture of exploration, development and social learning sets the right foundation for children to constantly explore and upskill themselves.

  • Leadership Team

    • Priya Sanghvi

      Priya Sanghvi

      Priya is an educationist and entrepreneur, who is passionate about transforming children through innovative cognitive development programs.

      She is a topper from Madras University, who spent about 7 years in New York, USA before relocating to India and founding CK in 2012.

      Priya has also been one of the top 300 women entrepreneurs selected by IIM Bangalore across India to attend a full-time program for entrepreneurs.

    • Neelesh Sachdeva

      Neelesh Sachdeva

      BE from GSITS, MBA from IIFT, 10+ yrs of corporate & entrepreneurial experience across Australia & India, but heart in making kids super-heroes.

      Neelesh is an outdoor and nature enthusiast can be found golfing and running around with kids in the neighborhood park.

    • Ritesh Gaggar

      Ritesh Gaggar

      With a B.Tech from IIT-B, Ritesh has 10+ yrs of experience with investment banks doing equity research, primarily in London. His achievements in sports (cricket, football & athletics) matched his exceptional academic and professional career.

      After relocating to India, his priorities changed to making his kids get a head-start by actively participating in after-school programs, and over time this translated into him developing and managing an array of Fitness & Learning Programs at CK.