• WHY BE360?

    We believe, kids learn by doing. Whereas a school provides a platform for a child to learn, something more is needed for children to develop their full potential. An effective afterschool program fills this gap by focusing on what is most important – allowing children to be children.

    • Fun Based Learning

    Children are inherently curious. An afterschool provides an interesting new way for children to apply themselves.

    • Culture of Exploration

    Exposure to different programs which challenge the physical and cerebral capacities of a child induces a culture of exploration which helps children find their passion

    • Conducive Environment

    Teaming up with other children also trying to learn and grow, helps children get inspired and encouraged by their peers.

    BE360 aims to provide a holistic transformational development experience for kids through structured after school programs where kids belonging to all walks of life are free to explore multiple cerebral and physical skill-based programs.
    At BE360, children are encouraged to DO rather than just LISTEN, to make errors, to learn at their own pace and eventually blossom socially through various team/group activities.

    • Carefully Curated Achievement Oriented Programs
    • Tech Based
    • Driven by Passionate Parents
    • 90% Approval Ratings
    • All Round Development
  • Every Child Is Unique!

    We believe that kids have limitless potential – constrained only by our ability to guide, enable and groom them for happiness and success.
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  • Programs

    • Junior Detective
      • Do you have what it takes to solve a mystery? Being a Junior Detective is about applying yourself and having fun while you do it! Big rewards await the smartest ones!
    • Atom Labz CodeStarters
      • Coding is the language of the future! Train your child to channelize his creativity and be future-ready with Codestarters!
    • Chess Mates
      • A good strategy is a tactical advantage! Learn from the best and increase concentration levels upto 4 times with Chess Mates!
    • Bright Minds
      • Communicating clearly is key to success! Help your child build vocabulary twice the size of his peers and get the after school edge with Bright Minds!
    • Atom Labz Robotics
      • Prepare your kids for a fast-changing tech-driven world and improve logical and problem-solving skills by 150% with Atom Labz Robotics!
    • Fit N Fun
      • Did you know active and fit preschoolers are twice more likely to play competitive sports? Help your child ignite his passion for the right sport with Fit N Fun!
    • Scribble Art Studio
      • Art is the ultimate form of expression. Help children invigorate their senses and exponentially improve their creativity and abstract thinking.
    • Karate
      • Includes various forms of Karate and Self defense techniques. Trains your child’s mind, body, and spirit to act as one resulting in a three-fold increase in self-discipline and confidence.
    • My Kid loves going to CK. Since he can’t speak Hindi he feels insecure and out of place most of the time. But at CK it’s like a home away from home for him! The robotics course they offer is the best in Indore!

      Veena Nair (Aahan)
    • Every child needs a little help, little hope, and somebody who believes in them. Priya Ma’am has done that job for my daughter. Ever since she has joined the classes I have seen tremendous growth in her. Thank you for helping me shape the bright future for my child!

      Akanksha Kalra (Atisha)
    • Its best in class to make our kids more expressive, confident, and excel at what they do…I totally in love with CK!

      Payal Garg (Aksh)
    • I am so happy to see my son walking home so happy and keenly looking forward to go again next day to CK. A big thankyou for all the love you and your team shower on him and made him a happy person!

      Deepti (Riju)
    • Thank you so much for everything. Your perseverance and your care, as well as your guidance, made him want to excel and he has come so this far, I want to say thank you very much, and I truly appreciate you and all that you did for him! Thanks from the bottom of my heart for enhancing his caliber!

      Nayan Mehta (Arham)
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